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About Us

The Tarzi Family Historical Society was established to help preserve the historical essence of the Tarzi name.  The Tarzi family, in its entirety, has dabbled in great feats that have affected the lives of millions through the centuries.

From poetic writings to diplomatic missions - from intellectual discourse to royal hierarchy - from moral leadership to political office - many gifted people who bore the name “Tarzi” have affected the country of Afghanistan and the world for many decades and centuries.

Now, we establish this society for educational purposes and to open a dialogue. Information here is primarily collected from the internet is not the "final say," please use the site simply as a starting point for research.
The Tarzi Family Historical Society
was founded in 2007
in order to. . .

.  .  . promote the preservation of genealogical data.

.  .  . encourage further study of family history.

.  .  . assist understanding of historical events and people.